Future and current attractions

For all that we haven’t had any new releases, Castalia House has been extremely busy. We have a number of new projects underway, a number of new authors, and the blog has continued to grow steadily under the leadership of Jeffro.

It has taken longer than expected, but we have finally finished what is certain to be regarded as a tour de force, which is to say, John C. Wright’s latest novel. It’s a standalone, and once you read it, you’ll understand what he meant when he said that it came to him in a dream. It’s not a big book like Somewhither, but it is one that you’ll almost certainly want to read more than once. Iron Chamber of Memory will be coming out this month; if you’re a New Release subscriber, keep an eye on your emails next week. And if you’re not, well, then you should probably consider subscribing.

It won’t be out quite as soon, but also en route is the debate between Dominic Saltarelli and I concerning the existence of gods. We’ve always planned to pick up the debate again one day, but after reading the intriguing debate between Umberto Eco and Cardinal Martini, I realized that a) our debate was already longer, b) it was more conclusive, and c) it was arguably even more interesting, if perhaps not quite so erudite. So, On the Existence of Gods will be released later this month, complete with the commentary from all of the judges who didn’t go off the reservation and declare themselves the winner.

Speaking of which, if the agnostic judge doesn’t send me his additional notes soon, the book will have go to out without them. And, simply because the question is bound to arise, no, I am not even close to being done with A Sea of Skulls yet. You may now proceed with the inevitable George RR Martin comparisons….

And finally, I am very pleased to be able to announce that the Compost Everything audiobook, written and narrated by David the Good, is now available on Amazon and Audible. It is three hours of gardening genius that contains everything you need to get rid of your enemies forever.