Putting theory into practice

As those who have read it know, in SJWs ALWAYS LIE, I repeatedly remind the reader to never apologize on demand. Yesterday, despite having issued a correction within three hours of making the original mistake, hundreds of SJWs attempted to put pressure on me and on Donald Trump Jr to apologize, retract, and delete our tweets.

The telling thing is that they put no such pressure on anyone else who had tweeted or retweeted the same image, including the people who had tweeted it before me. In other words, they didn’t give a damn about the actual situation or the two women involved – and make no mistake, it was not the second lady who was wronged, it was the first one who was misrepresented and falsely characterized by the media for the crime of supporting Donald Trump – they were simply looking to damage and discredit those they deem enemies dangerous to the Narrative.

To the younger Trump’s credit, he had the sense to refuse to apologize or retract. After all, he did nothing more than say that the media was unlikely to report something, and he was generally correct. I didn’t do anything at all, except state that I would be happy to delete the tweet if the second lady asked me to do so.

But when Twitter moved on to other, more interesting things, Donald Trump Jr. finally deleted his tweet, presumably at the advice of the PR professionals advising his father’s campaign. Needless to say, the few SJWs still paying attention promptly attacked.

Tim Weeks ‏@TRWeeks
You falsely accused a woman of giving a Nazi salute, deleted the tweet and weren’t man enough to apologize. Trump class.

Ali Momen ‏@alimomen
noticed you deleted that tweet…without an apology.  Shame on you brother.

Matthew Koomen ‏@TheKooMan
why did you deleted your tweets. Afraid of actually having to own up to a lie?

PaulieP ‏@PauliePFunq
Awww deleted tweets now?

Glenn Greenwald ‏@ggreenwald
No apology. No retraction. Just quietly deleted them, slinking away, hoping nobody notices & that he won’t get sued.

Those responses are why you never give into SJW pressure to do anything. Anything you do in response to their pressure will be taken as a victory on their part and a moral failure on your own. I did nothing and gave no ground, except call out Olivia Nuzzi for her lies about me and about the younger Trump, and in less than 24 hours, the SJWs have largely vanished.

Never back down. Never apologize. Never show weakness. They are cowards and herd animals, and they will always retreat from those who don’t flinch in front of them. They wouldn’t be SJWs if they didn’t have short time preferences, so stand your ground no matter what they threaten and the storm will pass soon enough.

Now, don’t be pedantic about this; this does not mean you should not relinquish an indefensible position; it would have been stupid and a different form of weakness to insist that the second lady was the first lady once I saw another picture of her that made it clear she was not.

One last observation: the Twitter SJWs are remarkably incurious and rather less numerous than they pretend to be. Despite 191,014 organic impressions of the mistaken tweet (versus 11,628 of the correction they were so vehemently demanding), yesterday’s site traffic was 66,941 pageviews, nearly two thousand fewer than the 68,894 recorded two weeks ago.