2015 Book of the Year

Bernard Chapin, of Chapin’s Inferno, names SJWs Always Lie his 2015 book of the year:

Reading a book four times is a very rare endeavor for me but it’s a true testament to the value of Vox’s insight. We fight the left here, and SJWs Always Lie is a great “how to” guide for those of you at home. I made two videos concerning the work in the fall but I had a ton of questions to ask him. He’s a very wise guy and it even sounds as if RooshV actively sought out his advice in regards to his immaculate press conference. Roosh’s tactics were completely in line with the rules Vox lays out in the book.

While I’m pleased that SJWAL has been so well-received by so many people, and I very much appreciate the distinction, it is regrettable that the book is necessary in the first place. I look forward to the time when it will be regarded as a curiosity, a historical artifact, and people will wonder if an SJW had something to do with the Whig Party, and what “social justice” might have been.

By the way, Roosh did a hell of a job with that press conference. Because people don’t pay attention to negative accomplishments, most haven’t noticed the way in which it killed the Narrative and completely shut down a global media meme in one fell swoop. It was magnificent. That is something that will need to be analyzed and explicated in SJWADD.

Bernard interviewed me about SJWAL yesterday. And I have to confess, at this point, it is entirely possible that he knows the contents better than I do.