Chuck Tingle contemplates Hugo withdrawl

 After NK Jemisin demanded Chuck Tingle withdraw his nomination for the Hugo Award for “Space Raptor Butt Invasion”, Dr. Tingle gave the matter some serious consideration.

Chuck Tingle ‏@ChuckTingle
cant sleep. lots of thoughts i will be addressing tommorow morning. i will be very forward on where i stand and make important annoucement

Chuck Tingle ‏@ChuckTingle
i am very sorry sometimes things just have to come to an end. this has to be done and i will be as upfront as i can

Chuck Tingle ‏@ChuckTinglestill not sure if im ready for all of this to end still sorting though feelings about this annoucement. more very soon

Chuck Tingle ‏@ChuckTingle
in five minutes official announcement of withdrawl and difficult ending

Chuck Tingle ‏@ChuckTingle
PLEASE UNDERSTAND i have decided to WITHDRAW my support of taylor swifts and unfollow her. I now follow KATYS PERRY

LOVE IS REAL! Chuck Tingle’s nomination is not a joke. Well, all right, it is. But it’s arguably less of a joke than N.K. Jemisin’s affirmative-action reward for hating the “beardy old middle-class middle-American guys” who created the field.

Calling out the ADL

On Twitter:

ADL ‏@ADL_National
@realDonaldTrump: Reconsider your use of the phrase “America First” as a slogan.

Supreme Dark Lord ‏@voxday
So exactly WHAT should Americans put first, if not America?

ADL ‏@ADL_National
For many Americans, the term “America First” will always be tainted by its anti-Semitic use in months before Pearl Harbor

Supreme Dark Lord ‏@voxday
Even more Americans look forward to seeing the repatriation of those who refuse to put America first.

If the members of the ADL are not willing to put America, and Americans, first, then obviously no American should support them or listen to anything that they have to say.

It is no more anti-semitic for Americans to put America, and Americans, first, as a matter of foreign policy, than it is anti-American for Israelis to put Israel first, or anti-Canadian for Germans to put Germany first.

No one gives a damn about the Holocaust these days. It’s ancient history. The British newspapers notwithstanding, virtually no one outside the media gives a damn about anti-semitism anymore. There are now many more important problems around the globe that concern considerably more than a paltry few million people living more or less at peace in the United States.

Not even the Israeli government cares about someone painting a swastika on a wall somewhere in North America. They, too, have far more pressing concerns to address.

An actual conversation

Other Guy: I don’t really know anything about this Rabid Puppies thing. What’s up with that?

Vox Day: Oh, it’s just related to this science fiction award. Last year we took a bunch of nominations, so they made a big deal about it and vowed it would never happen again. Then this year, we took a few more.

OG: So that’s why they’re pissed.

VD: Yeah, pretty much. But also because we got things like “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” nominated.

OG: What?

VD: There’s this guy, Chuck Tingle, he’s a complete lunatic and he writes these crazy gay dinosaur erotica stories.

OG: Doesn’t he have a book about boyfriend who is a plane or something too?

VD: There’s one called “My Gay Billionaire Plane Boyfriend”, something like that, anyway.

OG: Yeah, I read it! It was pretty good.

VD: I’m a little alarmed to hear you’ve actually read that.

OG: Yeah, well, you’re the one who knows the guy’s name.

VD: Touche’.

A summary of 2015

While we’re on the subject of music, one of my old NoBoys bandmates runs though the 2015 pop roundup with his a capella group, Face Vocal Band. One of these days, I’ll post a link to the first song he ever wrote, which is a bizarre one about a fish in love with a little girl who visits the sea shore.

There is no room for false modesty

Not where genius is concerned:

Keyboardist Morris Hayes arrived at Paisley Park as a production assistant. Under Prince’s tutelage, he eventually became not just a member of the New Power Generation but the band’s most senior member.

“I was just one of those church cats that played music by ear, so at first it was very difficult for me to keep up. We wouldn’t just learn one song, we’d learn a string of songs, and when we’d come back the next day I’d forget some. I remember he pulled me to the side and said, ‘Are you a genius, Morris?’ I said no. ‘O.K., then write it down. I don’t write it down ‘cause I’m a genius. I’ve got a million of ‘em, and I can remember. But unless you’re a genius, write it down.’ He gave you that extreme focus, where you knew you had to really come with it.”

It’s fascinating that unlike so many gifted individuals, Prince was able to coach less talented and help them improve. I wonder if that might have had something to do with his early relationship with Andre Cymone, his friend from junior high and member of both Grand Central and The Revolution, of whom it was said that he could play everything Prince could play, but only if Prince showed him how to do it first. Speaking of which, this article about his performance at the 2004 ceremony honoring George Harrison tends to support that anecdote as well as put both both his performance and his demeanor in context.

I had no idea that Prince was going to be there. Steve Winwood said, “Hey, Prince is over there.” And I said, “I guess he’s playing with us?”

So I said to Winwood, “I’m going to go over and say hello to him.” I wandered across the stage and I went up to him and I said, “Hi, Prince, it’s nice to meet you — Steve Ferrone.” And he said, “Oh, I know who you are!” Maybe because I’d played on Chaka Khan’s “I Feel for You,” which is a song that he wrote. I went back over and I sat down behind the drum kit, and Winwood was like: “What’s he like? What’d he say?”

Then I was sitting there, and I heard somebody playing a guitar riff from a song that I wrote with Average White Band. And I looked over and Prince was looking right at me and playing that song. And I thought, “Yeah, you actually do know who I am!”

I was actually more surprised that Prince had ever heard anything played by a band called Average White Band than at the fact he would remember a riff from it and be able to play it from memory. But then, they were pretty funky and even I would recognize “Pick up the Pieces”, so I suppose that makes sense.

My favorite part of the Harrison tribute article is how the clueless lead guitarist kept playing the Clapton solos in rehearsal and Prince didn’t make a fuss. He just strummed along, waited for someone else tell the guy to back off, then waited until they were on stage to show him how it’s done. Prince being Prince, I strongly suspect it was his quiet annoyance at the guy’s earlier failure to know his place that drove the unusual nature of his performance that night, particularly because he told the producer to let the guy go ahead and play the middle solo.

“Look, let this guy do what he does, and I’ll just step in at the end. For the end solo, forget the middle solo.”

That wasn’t just genius being expressed on that stage, it was also the contempt of a genius for mere talent and skill. Hey, even geniuses sometimes require motivation.

Book of the Week

War to the Knife is the first volume in the Laredo Trilogy, and it is a fascinating tale of a war that is already lost before the book even begins. The author, Peter Grant, is a fascinating man of much wider experience than most, having been a member of the South African Defense Forces with combat experience in various African nations prior to becoming a pastor.

In War to the Knife, he draws upon aspects of both his past professions; unlike many authors of military science fiction, he truly knows whereof he speaks, both in terms of the technical issues as well as the emotional costs that affect victor and defeated alike.

The trilogy begins with the defeated military remnants of the planet Laredo coming to terms with the fact that their resistance movement is on the verge of being wiped out by the occupying forces of the much wealthier, and more technologically advanced Bactrians. They decide that rather than surrendering to the merciless occupiers, they will attempt to go out in one last defiant bang that will give cover to their attempt to break through the planetary blockade and get the evidence about the Bactrian occupation out to the rest of the Thousand Worlds, who have been kept largely ignorant and misinformed about the true state of affairs.

Grant is a good writer, and the unusual situation he presents, in which the good guys are beaten from the very start, is given additional depth by Grant’s South African perspective. And yet, War to the Knife is not even remotely depressing, it is rather optimistic and inspiring, being a testimony to the indomitable human spirit and its ability to defy even the certainty of death as well as an intriguing war novel full of intrigue and action.

For those who find the name familiar, Peter Grant is, in fact, the leader of the Tor Books boycott. He blogs as Bayou Renaissance Man, a not unreasonable description given his wide range of life experience, and is not a Rabid Puppy, being too fundamentally decent a man to run with our slavering pack of virulent slaughterhounds. But one might not unreasonably describe him as being sympathetic to Puppydom, as well as fully cognizant of the true nature of the SJW enemy.

Slate is furious about the “virulent” Rabid Puppies

Oh No, the Puppies Are Back for the 2016 Hugo Awards—and As Angry As Ever

The puppies have returned. How could that sentence portend anything foul or wicked? And yet it does—science-fiction writer and publisher Vox Day’s followers are the least cute puppies that ever puppied. You may remember them from 2015, when they hijacked the nominations for that year’s Hugo Awards, the closest thing the sci-fi and fantasy community has to the Oscars. Convinced that the genre had eschewed swashbuckling space opera in favor of politically correct, scoldy garbage, these “activists” proposed a slate of “corrective” titles and whipped up enough support among a conservative niche of Hugo voters to get them on the ballot (pushing more “literary” and more “progressive” nominees off).

Campaigns for individual books or authors at the Hugos are nothing new. Yet the puppies’ ideologically driven movement, which drew on the tactics and talking points of Gamergaters, struck a lot of people as unprecedented. When the pups positioned their nominees as a rebuke to the women, people of color, and LBGTQ folks seeking a place in the science-fiction/fantasy world, that coalition struck back. Voters opted to give “no award” in the five categories wholly overtaken by puppy nominees.

Unlike men, not all puppies are created equal. The especially virulent Rabid Puppies, led by unsavory bigot Vox Day, who is extremely paranoid about Aztecs, have made it their mission to boot SJWs (“social justice warriors”) out of science fiction and fantasy….

So now it is 2016, and the saga continues. This time, in an effort to distance themselves from last year’s bad press, the Sad Puppies have published a list of “recommendations” rather than flogging their own ballot. But the Rabid Puppies are madder than ever. Their campaign has resulted in 64 out of the 81 titles they put forward being shortlisted. One of these books is called “Space Raptor Butt Invasion,” by erotica scribe Chuck Tingle, author of such science fiction pearls as “Taken by the Gay Unicorn Biker” and, most recently, “Slammed in the Butt by My Hugo Award Nomination.” (Audible narration is available for all three. For the more politically-minded, Tingle also offers “Feeling the Bern in My Butt.”) Writes Day on his blog: “Let’s face it, there are just three words to describe the only event that might happen in 2016 that I can imagine would be more spectacularly awesome than ‘Space Raptor Butt Invasion’ winning a Hugo Award this year, and those three words are ‘President-elect Donald Trump.’”

As Michael Schaub observes in the Los Angeles Times, the Puppies’ self-mythology here as Hugo provocateurs doesn’t totally hold up. “Tingle is a popular figure among a wide range of readers,” he notes, “not just Puppy-affiliated ones.” A fair number of science fiction and fantasy folks seem delighted, not offended, by the Butt bard’s success.

Awesome. Let’s see them prove it by voting “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” Best Story. But I suspect this is just hapless SJWs attempting to get on top of the Narrative with their conventional “the joke is really on you” tactic. Key word: “seem”. If they were genuinely delighted, NK Jemisin wouldn’t be making a complete ass of herself by trying to get Chuck Tingle to withdraw his nomination.

From Tingle’s reaction, she’d have better luck convincing me to withdraw. It cracks me up that more articles about the 2016 Hugos point out that Jemisin is an ignorant half-savage than mention her own nomination for Best Novel. I’d almost feel bad for her, if she wasn’t such a horrendously unpleasant affirmative-action monster. But SJWs will sacrifice anyone to maintain the Narrative, even their own pets.

It’s more than a little amusing that Slate claims I am paranoid about Aztecs, when I am part-Aztec myself. But you can always count on an SJW to stick with the Narrative, no matter how observably stupid it is.

It’s also interesting that referring to an idiot black woman as “an ignorant half-savage” three years ago is presently deemed more newsworthy than writing the best-selling political philosophy work of 2015, or than publishing four different #1 bestsellers in the Politics, Atheism, Philosophy, and Economic Theory categories in nine months.

No wonder the media is dying. Being converged, they’re much more interested in playing speech police than in simply doing their one job.

The cost of convergence

Target is learning that pursuing social justice objectives is not conducive to business:

Target’s corporate stock has plummeted significantly this week, after a petition to boycott the store crossed 1 million signatures.

The petition and subsequent boycotts are a result of Target’s corporate campaign to open up bathrooms and changing rooms in their stores based on internal gender identity rather than biological anatomy.  The new policy has sparked concern that predators will use the store’s policy to target others, specifically women, by claiming that they feel like a woman on the inside.

Just this week, a biological man was arrested after allegedly secretly filming a woman trying on bathing suits in a Target dressing room in Missouri.

Recent polls have shown that Americans’ feelings towards open-bathroom policies have hardened significantly in the month of April, with support for the open-bathrooms concept falling by more than 20 percentage points.

Amid the turmoil surrounding the new policy and the immediate abuse of it in Missouri, the company’s stock fell from $84.10 per share on April 19 to roughly $79.36 as of Friday morning. That loss of $4.74 per share, if constant, would represent a corporate loss of over $2.5 billion.

As a general rule, people support SJW nonsense in theory considerably more than in any form of practice that will actually affect their own lives. Once there is a cost to virtue-signaling, the average individual will back off. The SJW, on the other hand, will double-down, convinced that the sacrifice proves his superiority.

NFL Draft 2016

The Vikings select Laquon Treadwell, WR:

COMPARES TO: Dez Bryant, Dallas
Cowboys – Treadwell shows a Bryant-like skillset with his size and
athleticism combination to be a mismatch against cornerbacks on the

IN OUR VIEW: Treadwell has exceptional ballskills and
catching radius with strong hands to pluck away from his body or scoop
off his shoelaces – if the throw is anywhere within a few feet of his
body, he’ll attack it. He isn’t a sudden athlete, but plays with
athletic twitch and power to be a threat after the catch.

Treadwell should fit in as a possession type of receiver alongside
Stefon Diggs. With improved route-running, though, Treadwell could turn
into a downfield threat, even without top-notch speed.

With Teddy
Bridgewater, the Vikings offense isn’t built around the deep ball.
Treadwell should be effective in the middle of the field and, perhaps
most importantly, in the red zone.

The analysts seem to like the pick, anyhow. We do need another possession receiver; burners are wasted given the limitations of Bridgewater’s arm. I’m a little suprised at Goff going number one, but if you have the chance to take a top QB prospect, you simply have to do so in today’s league.

And word of warning, if you feel the need to comment about how you don’t like/approve of NFL football on an NFL post, I will spam the comment. I’m done tolerating off-topic narcissists who apparently believe anyone cares about their opinion.

SJWs ruin Watership Down

This sort of cultural and creative degradation is why I will never show even a modicum of mercy to SJWs. This is why there is no place for them in any civilized society. They are pure hraka. They are pollution. They infest every organization they are permitted to enter and they infect everything they touch.

It was the film that traumatised a generation of children, with its much-loved rabbit characters slain on screen in graphic and memorable scenes. But the story of Watership Down is to be remade for a new era, as programme-makers promise to tone down its most brutal images.

The BBC has teamed up with Netflix for one of the most expensive mini-series ever made for the small screen, and the first animated four-part drama of its kind.The show’s executive producer told the Telegraph the 2017 version will not just tone down the levels of on-screen violence to make it more appropriate for children, but give a boost to its female characters.

Female rabbits including Clover, played by Gemma Arterton, Strawberry, played by Olivia Colman, and Hyzenthlay, played by Anne-Marie Duff, will get a dose of doe power, as it were, to allow them to display their own heroics alongside their male co-stars.

This is why we need our own institutions. This is why we need to keep every single SJW out. They destroy everything in the interests of convergence. That is their sole objective and their primary activity.

This is also why I will never sell the movie rights to my books. I won’t risk putting them in SJW hands. In time, we will build our own studios. Castalia is just the start.