America is the world

A Broadway producer agrees to pretend to consider white people:

The hit musical “Hamilton” has drawn widespread praise for its use of a diverse cast to explore American history. But a casting call seeking “nonwhite men and women” to audition for the show drew criticism from the union representing theater actors, prompting “Hamilton” to say Wednesday that it will amend its language to make clear that anyone is welcome to try out for the show.

The dispute is in some ways semantic — audition descriptions of many of the characters in “Hamilton,” as for other Broadway shows, often specify the race, gender and age range of the characters, and that is standard practice in the theater industry. But Actors’ Equity said that auditions should be open to anyone.

At the end of the day, the producers of “Hamilton” said that they would change the posting that had drawn criticism, to make it clear that people of all ethnicities are welcome to audition, but would not back away from the show’s commitment to hire a diverse cast.

I don’t see a problem here. As we all know, Americans can be born anywhere in the world. George Washington may well have been Chinese and Thomas Jefferson from Papua New Guinea, for all we know.

America is the world. Posterity is not the children. Diversity is our strength. Islam is the religion of peace.

No wonder they hate the truth-tellers. There is no room for the truth in their consciousness.

Ben Brantley wrote in The New York Times that “‘Hamilton’ is, among
other things, about who owns history, who gets to be in charge of the

You don’t say….