Cameron must go

Is it possible David Cameron is a secret Leave? Because short of growing a Hitler stache and dressing in a EU fascist uniform, complete with a blue-and-yellow armband, it’s hard to imagine how David Cameron could more aggressively drive the British people towards #Brexit:

Thousands march on No10 calling for Cameron to quit over tax revelations: Under-fire PM admits ‘I should have handled it better’ and agrees to publish his returns amid Panama Papers scandal

Protesters called for Mr Cameron to resign after he admitted profiting from more than £30k in an offshore tax haven. Revelations about Mr Cameron’s financial affairs followed a leak of 11 million documents held by Mossack Fonseca. PM’s ratings now lower than Jeremy Corbyn with 56% saying they did not think he had been ‘open and transparent’. Speaking at the Tory Spring Conference, Mr Cameron admitted he botched the handling of the row over his finances.

He’s also botched the handling of the most important political decision of his time, which is the recovery of British sovereignty.

Wonderful timing from Wikileaks.

I don’t know if the Prime Minister will resign, but he most certainly should follow the lead of Iceland’s prime minister and do so. He’s a horrendous hypocrite, he’s openly taken sides against the nation he is supposed to govern, and he has zero credibility.

This looks like a Labor protest, but if the Conservatives join them, as they should, Cameron will have no choice but to step down in disgrace. It’s time for Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage to step up and demand his resignation.