SJWs fear exposure

It’s been interesting to see the reaction of SJWs on Twitter to The Complete List of SJW. The mere announcement of its existence has both SJWs and moderates alarmed:

time cube denier @yung_kacho
oh vox. never stop being batshit insane

Ana @ #SweetsJam @SpaceDoctorPhD
Excuse me, why am I not on your blacklist? Can’t even bully people properly, what a mess.

/wooo/’sDolphZiggler @DZwooo
“Have you now, or ever been, a Social Justice Warrior?”

Mariconcito @armlessphelan
You’re an idiot. You don’t fight censorship and blacklists with censorship and blacklists.

Big Dog Barack @BarackSaysWooo

 /M/ischief Reborn @Mischief_Arises
Can you build a waiting list for the gas chamber and put yourself on it? Thanks

Anonymous Damn Crow @CrowReturns1
What is this? A list of people you plan to harass? Don’t even think about it.

Anonymous Damn Crow @CrowReturns1
Looks like a list of people targeted for harassment

Anonymous Damn Crow Retweeted Supreme Dark Lord
This is a list of people targeted for harassment. Really sucks. #Anonymous

deepseadiva @thedeepseadiva
LMAOO this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

Nightwing @Daltimus_Prime
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HOLY SHIT. Whatever happened to “being the bigger person” and “not stooping to their level?”

Notice the wide variety of conventional responses. We have the Lolipop response, the “I’m telling Dad” response, the “it’s not me, it’s you” response, the “aren’t you above this?” response, and the McCarthy response.

Translation: the idea that their actions will be tracked and they will be identified and potentially held responsible scares them.

This is why it is absolutely vital to be accurate and conservative in identifying SJWs. They are going to try to transform what is quite clearly a list of harassers into a false claim of being harassed. Don’t give them any ammo; only definite and self-defined SJWs who can be confirmed to have attempted to disemploy or no-platform people in defense of social justice ideals should be included. And take the time to provide the archived evidence of their SJW activity or self-designation. The stricter we are, the more effective the list will be over time.

As for the idea of not stooping to their level, I am the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil. We delve deeper than they even imagine.