Two more SJWs for the SJW list

Nick Mamatas endorses no-platforming of “fascists” while defending the continued inclusion of Communists and socialists:

1. No-platforming. This has become widely misunderstood as militant liberals have generalized a particular radical practice—the demand to keep fascists from having a public platform at events and within organizations. One can and should no-platform fascists for the simple reason that fascism is a totalizing and universally negating political philosophy—it cannot prosper without the destruction of all points of view via political violence. Even Stalinist and Maoist Communism, say all the horrifying and accurate things about it you can, is self-protective—that is, it can adapt to diplomatic needs, introduce or quash markets internally etc. There is still a core of “dialectic”—a philosophy based on change. (Thus China going from economic backwater to central driver of the world economic system in a generation while still putatively remaining “communist”.) Fascism is based on achieving a certain transhistorical perfection, which is impossible and inherently anti-rational, and thus it not only can broke no diplomacy/debate, it cannot even keep itself stable. It destroys everything, including ultimately itself (and takes plenty of people with it when it collapses). THAT is why it must be kept from growing.

Never mind that Fascism has been a defunct ideology for seventy years now. Or that it was eminently civilized in comparison with the murderous records of Stalinism and Maoism. This guy’s idea of fascism is “anything to the right of Bernie Sanders”.

Brian Keene takes it to a new level, as he not only endorses the no-platforming of “a person who has previously demonstrated a bias against others based on their race, religion”, he is tarring the entire HWA by association:

Today, the HWA released the following statement regarding their decision to allow an avowed white supremacist and fascist serve as a Bram Stoker Award Juror. Quote: “The HWA does not support discrimination of any kind, including discrimination based on political views. Not only is this form of discrimination specifically illegal in a number of U.S. states, HWA’s Board of Trustees also does not believe it’s in keeping with our principle of supporting and practicing freedom of expression. In specific regard to HWA’s Bram Stoker Award juries, the HWA will certainly act if/when a juror’s personal views have a provable impact/bias against a writer or his/her works.” End quote.

So, I’m speaking now to all current members of the HWA. If, after today, after learning that the HWA will allow this to continue– if, after today, after learning that the HWA will allow a person who has previously demonstrated a bias against others based on their race, religion, etc. to participate as a Bram Stoker Award Jury member — an award which will include candidates of various races and religions — IF AFTER TODAY, you intend on renewing your membership and paying membership fees when they come due again on January 1, 2017, or if you are paying to attend any of the organization’s Stoker Cons or awards banquet events in future years, then you are part of the problem.

These self-destructive SJWs don’t seem to understand that if there is no place for competing perspectives ruled beyond the pale in their world, then there can be no place for them should any of their many opponents take power. First they declare there is no place for us, next they no-platform us, then, when we build our own platforms, they whine and cry that we don’t talk to them, we don’t listen to them, and we show them neither mercy nor regard.

They create the very monsters they fear, and they create them ex nihilo.

So be it. Let them whine and cry and beg to no avail. There is no place for SJWs in any civilized society that wishes to survive and thrive.