On the Question of Free Trade

For more than 200 years, the question of free trade has been considered
settled by economists. However, advancements in technology have
considerably changed the world since David Ricardo popularized the
concept of Comparative Advantage in the early 19th century, and the rise
of economic populism around the world is increasingly calling long-held
assumptions into question.

On the Question of Free Trade is a public debate between Dr. James
D. Miller, Associate Professor of Economics at Smith College, and Vox
Day, the author of The Return of the Great Depression, in which they
address the vital question of whether free trade is intrinsically
beneficial or detrimental to a national economy. Both participants are
well-versed in economic history and economic theory, which permits them
to bypass the political side issues that so often cloud such debates and
focus on the core issues involved. The post-debate Q&A session is
also included.

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