Calling out the ADL

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ADL ‏@ADL_National
@realDonaldTrump: Reconsider your use of the phrase “America First” as a slogan.

Supreme Dark Lord ‏@voxday
So exactly WHAT should Americans put first, if not America?

ADL ‏@ADL_National
For many Americans, the term “America First” will always be tainted by its anti-Semitic use in months before Pearl Harbor

Supreme Dark Lord ‏@voxday
Even more Americans look forward to seeing the repatriation of those who refuse to put America first.

If the members of the ADL are not willing to put America, and Americans, first, then obviously no American should support them or listen to anything that they have to say.

It is no more anti-semitic for Americans to put America, and Americans, first, as a matter of foreign policy, than it is anti-American for Israelis to put Israel first, or anti-Canadian for Germans to put Germany first.

No one gives a damn about the Holocaust these days. It’s ancient history. The British newspapers notwithstanding, virtually no one outside the media gives a damn about anti-semitism anymore. There are now many more important problems around the globe that concern considerably more than a paltry few million people living more or less at peace in the United States.

Not even the Israeli government cares about someone painting a swastika on a wall somewhere in North America. They, too, have far more pressing concerns to address.