VFM hunt

Here we go again. This isn’t the SJW’s first attack review either. You know the drill. Let’s see if anyone can track down this “Nome D. Gerr”. If we do, we will contact his employer, as we have done before when we’ve caught an attack reviewer in action. How many scalps will this guy make, is it four or five now?

Nome D. Gerr
May 5, 2016
God, Robot
sad puppies find g-d

this is deja vu all over again, an offense to enjoyable fiction. reading this will contract your mind. should history repeat, the sad dawgs, with contempt for fans and bitter worship of hard core ballot rigging, will manipulate this opus died onto the slates of multiple nebula awards. as before, the mad puppies will finish 6 out of 5 on all ballots, losing to all other nominees and finishing behind write in votes for “not again”. this injection of organized religion and tea bagger nuttery into SF&F is a perversion and a waste of bytes.

Nome D. Gerr
October 29, 2015
SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

this is a scree of vindictiveness and self promotion. Somehow, probably in a manner akin to the almost success in awarding himself a people’s s/f trophy, this time waster appears in too many (and too many completely unrelated) categories of kindle recommendations. for example, just today, this book was pimped to me three times: in Moro history, in adaptionics and in economics. Motivated by apparent personal animosity, this book is gaming kindle.

Having gamed the 2014 Hugo Awards, now I’m gaming Kindle. Seriously?

Anyhow, just to make it perfectly clear, if you leave an attack review on any Castalia House book, I will unleash the Vile Faceless Minions and send them after you. If you have been insufficiently careful, if you have slipped up even once somewhere, we will doxx you, we will contact your employer, and we may even send a log of your activities to your family members. In extreme cases where your local law has observably been violated, I will personally contact the police; you will not be the first, the second, or even the third individual to be subjected to a police interrogation as a result of attacking us.

VFM, check your emails this weekend. It’s operation time. This will only require 20 of you, so if you don’t get one, don’t be surprised.

Don’t think that the SJWs are not organizing against us as well. They are doing their level best to identify all of those against whom they intend to run their usual game of discredit, disemploy, and destroy. From Mediated Feminisms: Activism and Resistance to Gender and Sexual Violence in the Digital Age at UCL Institute of Education.

Notice who they have right in the center sweet spot. Twice. Translaton: I’m not a PUA, an MGTOW, an MRA, or a TradCon, so she has no idea where to put me. And their total inability to make any sense of us, judging by their interpretive babble, suggests that the more open this culture warfare becomes, the more people are forced to choose sides, the more it will be to our advantage. And this is good, because Western civilization cannot survive social justice convergence.