Of extinction and diversity

Rhinos are being sent to Australia to save them from Africans:

Eighty South African rhinos may soon be on their way to Australia in part of an ambitious effort to establish an ‘insurance population for the world.’ The Australian Rhino Project, spearheaded by South Africa-native Ray Dearlove, plans to fly 20 rhinos per year between 2016 and 2019 to Australia, where they will make up a breeding herd to protect against possible extinction.

The number of rhinoceros is rapidly declining with figures estimating that one is poached every eight hours in South Africa, according to the organization. The animals are tracked and killed and their horns are cut off for illegal trade, primarily to Asia, where they’re sold for tens of thousands of dollars per kilogram….

Ultimately, Australia is serving as a secure place for the animals to live and breed – for now. If and when Africa becomes safe for rhinos again, the animals will be repatriated to their homeland – a feat that may not occur for generations, Dearlove believes.

The non-profit is awaiting various clearances before the first rhino is airlifted overseas, but the organization continues to raise money.

Some of the biggest expenses include the numerous 6,500-mile cargo flights which will transport the 2-ton animals over the next four years.

Apparently it is not only humans who must engage in white flight for survival. It’s all about time preferences in the end. In the case of the rhino, the demand for its horns is not going to go away, but the way in which that demand is met makes all the difference between survival and extinction.

With the revival of safe spaces, it has taken 60 years for progressives to come around on the issue of segregation. But the freedom to segregate is both an unalienable right and a prerequisite of maintaining a functioning society as well as a civilization. No one likes this, but it is reality and an observable fact of history. To destroy a society or an organization, integrate it, either forcibly or by removing the right of free association.

And one cannot integrate a nation. One can only dilute and subsume it, as we have seen with the increasingly defunct American nation as well as the many dead and dying Indian nations.

Consider this. If present trends hold, the future will no more consider your descendants to be Americans than many of my critics consider me to be an American Indian.