A Hugo nominee on PC in PC gaming

Speaking of the Hugo Awards, it’s downright hilarious to see how completely the SJWs reject Sun Tzu’s admonition to know oneself as well as one’s enemy. Their problem, you see, is that they are just too decent and good and pure and naive to discuss politics or even be in contact with anyone who refuses to submit to their Narrative.

With guys like Vox Day throwing their weight around, and Trump supporters and alt-right dudes becoming increasingly more common in the Internet, I find myself staying more and more away from anything having to do with political discussions.

We Liberals have a tendency to be too idealistic and naive when dealing with sociopaths like Vox Day. We think adhering to the laws and customs and moderation and good manners and common sense will eventually win the day. I don’t think so anymore.

When you face sociopaths, you should either go to war with them and beat them, or you should just go away and avoid any further contact. Honestly, dudes that actually preach genocide and purging the human species from the “weak” scare the crap out of me (I’m not necessarily talking about Vox Day here, but alt-right dudes that have started to proliferate online, Vox Day’s brothers and sisters).

I never thought I’d miss the Bush supporters. 🙂

So yeah, I’m staying well away from anything having to do with politics from now on. I tend to get too angry and frustrated. And I think “our” side in this Hugo mess is being too moderate in dealing with VD and his cohorts. He will not go away by himself, and I feel the Hugo “brand” is doomed.

It is sad but true that often liberals are handicapped by their own liberalism and sense of fair play.

It’s good to see SJWs rediscovering the benefits of segregation, anyhow. It’s even better to see that they remain entirely clueless about themselves. I have to admit, it is certainly informative to learn that shrieking “racist sexist transphobic bigot anti-semite global warming denier” at those who disagree with you and attempting to discredit and disemploy them is nothing more than “adhering to the laws and customs and moderation and good manners and common sense.”

Regardless, watching SJWs try to play the naive liberal is like seeing a cannibal answer the door while wearing the skin of his most recent victim.

Speaking of segregation, one author has withdrawn his book from a competition because the reviewers are SJWs who are more interested in “who, whom” than anything to do with the actual plot, characterizations, or writing style of the book:

There’s been a trend swelling in the last few years among book reviews, fueled by the “outrage cliches” of the interweb. This idea that a book, a story, should be judged largely based on several things which matter more than anything else: The color of the main character’s skin, their sex, and their sexuality. Then the same for the author.

How bad is it? Last week the Nebula awards were swept by female authors. Which would be totally fine … except for how the news presented it, which was best summed up in the i09 article I read that didn’t discuss the books that won at all, but only that the winning authors were women. 

Since there is no place for us where they are, there can be no place for them where we are.