Tech volunteers wanted

We are looking for some assistance on the Big Fork team. Here is what we’re looking for:

  1.  Producer/Project Manager. Someone to keep track of what everyone is doing and free up Rifleman to focus on the coding.
  2. Mediawiki — has worked with the Mediawiki codebase and has deployed Mediawiki sites for at least 2 years, has worked on or is at least familiar with Mediawiki templates and extensions.
  3. PHP — understands the internal and external architecture of PHP, is aware of latest developments in PHP 7, HHVM and other optimizers, has experience with problems and solutions in large-scale PHP projects.
  4. Web application optimization — familiar with various methods of caching and parallelizing web applications, including load-balancing, proxy servers, Memcached, ElasticSearch, Varnish, knows Apache, NGinX.
  5. HTML/CSS/JS/AJAX — able to bridge the gap between web design and client-side development. Experience with modern Javascript UI frameworks like jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, understands reactive design concepts.
  6. Javascript expert — understands the architecture of Javascript, including object-oriented and functional Javascript coding, performance optimization, cross-browser compatibility, future developments in Javascript,
  7. PostgreSQL Administrator — good understanding of configuration settings, performance tweaks, security, user account management, database/filesystem interaction, replication, failover, backup/restore automation.

If one of those roles fits you and you want to help out, email with BIG FORK in the subject. We’re making a lot of progress, but there is still plenty left to do.