Yet another Magic Dirt fail

So much for the idea that the magic dirt of the USA will turn second-generation Muslims into True Blue Americans:

Police are now saying that Omar Mateen has ties to radical Mulim leader, Marcus Dwayne Robertson. Mateen took online classes and interacted with Robertson through Robertson’s Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary, based in Orlando.

The FBI reportedly contacted Robertson and several of his associates for questioning Sunday afternoon. Robertson’s attorney failed to confirm whether his client was associated with the ongoing investigation.

The gunman also attended the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce; he was seen there two days before Sunday’s attack, in the company of Imam Shafiq Rahman. The Islamic Center is reportedly associated with the American-born suicide bomber, Monar abu Salha, who was discovered in Syria several years ago. According to Fox News, it was Mateen’s association with abu Salha that led the FBI to question him in 2013.

Donald Trump isn’t backing down in the slightest; he has even called for President Obama to resign:

Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism? If he doesn’t he should immediately resign in disgrace!

And finally, eyewitness accounts make what was apparent from many of the victim’s pictures:

Survivors told ABC News that the shooter asked club goers their race before opening fire and said that America “needs to stop bombing ISIS.”