Go with your gut

Looks like my first instinct was correct and the Orlando shooting appears to have been gay-on-gay:

Omar Mateen, the gunman who murdered 49 people in an Orlando gay club early Sunday morning, was a gay man himself according to multiple people who knew and had met the man.

A gay man who attended the police academy in 2006 with Mateen said that the pair went out to gay bars and that at one point Mateen told the man he wanted to pursue a relationship.

Meanwhile, multiple people are now coming forward to say that they had spoken with Mateen on gay hookup apps including Grindr and Jack’d.  

The attack, which many assumed was an act of Islamic extremism, now appears to possibly be tied to Mateen’s own shame over his sexuality and investigators are now looking into this internal conflict as a possibly motive. 

The shooter’s father, Seddique Mateen, made his beliefs on gay people very clear in a video he posted to Facebook on Monday saying ‘homosexuals will be punished by God.’

ISIS meanwhile, the terrorist group some believe Mateen killed in the name of, executes gay men on a daily basis in horrific fashions.

‘He’s a homosexual and he was trying to pick up men,’ said Jim Van Horn, who called Mateen a Pulse ‘regular’ and described his approach to chatting with people in the club.

Of course, this doesn’t negate Islam as an additional motive; human beings are complicated creatures and seldom do anything for one and only one reason. But there is a genuine problem with the Muslim motive, as the Saker observes:

While most of us have now heard that Omar Mateen was a Muslim and that he had pledged allegiance to Daesh. It now turns out that he did pledged allegiance to both ISIS and Hezbollah! It might be useful to repeat here that while nominally both ISIS and Hezbollah are “Muslim”, the ISIS Takfiris consider Shia as kufars, as apostates, who betrayed true Islam and turned to idolatry. They also consider them “Iranian agents”. As for Hezbollah, they are The Number One (all in caps) enemy of Daesh/ISIS gang and they refer to these Takfiri maniacs as “devils” (shaitan). What this means is simple and leaves only a few options:

1) Either Omar Mateen knew nothing about Islam

2) Or Omar Mateen was coerced into making this statement and he deliberately made it absurd

3) Or Omar Mateen never said any such thing

Pick your favorite hypothesis, but what is darn certain is that the contents of his alleged statement leave the “Islamic theory” shattered into pieces. There is simply absolutely no way any real Muslim would simultaneously pledged allegiance to ISIS and Hezbollah at the same time.

Well, I suspect you might if you’re an unbalanced, self-hating Muslim homosexual who knows considerably less about Islamic political theology than about the bathrooms of the Orlando gay clubs. Furthermore, the Saker clearly doesn’t know much about the cruel reality of gay life, as he admits he doesn’t “believe that homosexuals are more likely to commit violent crime than heterosexuals.”

However, not only are gays more likely to commit violent crime, but when the violence of a murder is particularly over the top, the police and profilers usually assume, correctly, that the perpetrator is gay.

And all of this assumes, of course, that the Official Story is a reasonable approximation of the truth, which one can no longer reasonably assume these days.