Euro 2016 Brits attacked in Calais

In the lead-up to the #Brexit vote, the BBC is caught suppressing news of attacks on British motorists by migrants in Calais:

Social media reports suggest that there is serious violence going on in Calais with the BBC suppressing the news to help Remain as it struggles in the polls before the Brexit vote:

David Vance ‏@DVATW
Sources tell me serious disorder in Calais right now . Being reported by BBC as “power cut “. Violence against uk motorists and police

 upNORTHandGRIM @UpNorthandGRIM
They’ve been attacking UK registered cars. British cars being attacked in #Calais is of no interest to @SkyNews @BBCNews #Brexit

CALAIS AT WAR: Port road SHUT as migrants chanting ‘f*** the UK’ hurl rocks at Brit cars

French police battled around 300 migrants in the lawless port town this afternoon after huge mobs targeted England and Wales fans returning across the Channel after cheering on their teams at Euro 2016 and motoring enthusiasts driving back from the Le Mans rally event.

Gangs of migrants ran out onto the motorway and brought traffic to a standstill outside the port, so that they could break into lorries and stow away in an attempt to sneak across the Channel.

A British football fan caught up in the chaos reported that gangs of migrants were shouting “f*** the UK” as they hurled rocks at his car, posting photos on social media of clouds of tear gas fired by embattled police.

I suppose it is good news the Remain-supporting elite is reduced to such desperate tactics. It certainly doesn’t smack of confidence on their part.