The real championship

This has easily been the most entertaining Euro since I’ve lived in Europe. But as fun as it was to see Wales make their historic run that finally came to a sudden end in two minutes of brilliance by Portugal, it was hard to imagine either team being able to beat the winner of France vs Germany.

The French team is basically a talented African team with a pair of French attackers, plus the most dangerous shooter from outside the box, Payet. They’re very good, but even during the group stage I felt that neither of the highly disciplined major teams, Germany or Italy, would not have much problem with them when they got careless and broke down.

Germany, on the other hand, is still the team that destroyed Brazil, although their inability to score against Italy showed that they miss Miroslav Klose and their three penalty failures demonstrate that they are not the clinical Germans of the Klinsman and Bierhof eras. They also have the best keeper in the world, Neuer, which tends to be an advantage.

I expect whoever wins to win the Euro. And I tend to expect it will be Germany.