Help a sister out

Old school Dread Ilk Wendy is running for office.

Hey everyone,

It may have been a long time since you’ve heard from me but I’m reaching out for help.  Some of you may know me as a military supporter and others may know me as a personal friend.

I’m currently running for treasurer of my county.  I’m the most qualified candidate with a double major in math and economics and I’m taking classes to sit for the CPA exam.  I’m close to completing my course work and it adds to my ability to do this job well for my local community.  I have lived in Rock County for over 20 years and like many of you, I had or have a desire to serve the public in some way.  This is how I’d like to do it, by using my knowledge, skills, and abilities to serve Rock County in the Treasurer’s office.  It is going to be a very tough race for me because of the demographics of the county and the strength of the field I’m running against (there are 5 of us going into the primaries in August).

I’m running an online campaign fundraiser.  If you know me well, you know how difficult it is for me to ask for money, but even if you just share my contributions link on any websites you may own, that will help. My website is here.

Below is the link for an interview I recently had, so you can listen and judge for yourself on whether you personally think I’d make a good treasurer for my county, and also the link to my campaign contribution website.  There is also more information about myself at the home page of my website.

My recent interview. My contribution page.

If you’d like to personally donate, any little bit will help if you can do so.  Because of campaign finance laws, we cannot accept donations from businesses or anonymously, but we will keep your information private and all monies will go towards the cost of yard signs, banners, and campaign literature to hand out as I travel across the county and reach out to over 150,000 residents.

I know this might be coming out of the blue and even if you’re not interested in the campaign piece, I’d love to hear from you and catch up.  I’ve had a very busy couple of years, as you can tell, and I haven’t kept up on a lot of relationships but I’m reaching out to you because I regard you fondly and wish you well.  You’re more than welcome to email back and just reminisce about the old days or if you’d like to call and chat, hit me up and I’ll send my cell # if you don’t have it.  I wish you the best.