Trump picks Pence

I don’t know much about Indiana governor Mike Pence, so I don’t have an opinion on this. The big question is what his voting record on immigration is. I expect he’s probably fine on guns and so forth.

UPDATE: He looks pretty damned good.

1. He Wanted To Report & Deport Undocumented People In The Hospital

In 2004, then-Senator Pence voted for Undocumented Alien Emergency Medical Assistance Amendments Bill HR 3722, which would have required hospitals to gather and report information on possible undocumented patients before hospitals could be reimbursed for treating them. The bill would have also stated that hospitals wouldn’t be required to provide care to undocumented people if they could be transported to their home country (AKA deported while they’re in the hospital) without a “significant chance” of their condition getting worse. Luckily, the bill failed.

2. He’s Rated 100% By FAIR

The very conservative Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is a national, non-profit, public interest membership organization that seeks to “improve” border security and stop illegal immigration. A 100 percent rating from them is a like a stamp of approval that Pence is throughly anti-immigration.

Other than his criticism of Trump’s proposed Muslim ban, he appears to be about as strongly anti-immigration as an elected Republican gets. He even “ordered state agencies to suspend the relocation of any more Syrian refugees to Indiana.”

UPDATE: Announcement postponed due to the latest Muslim mass murder in France.