They are finally starting to get it

David Frum @davidfrum
Big message of last night: the GOP has decisively turned its back on Bush-Clinton dynastic politics to embrace a Trump dynasty instead

And about time too. Pat Buchanan explains further:

Free-trade globalism was a crucial component of the New World Order, whose creation George H. W. Bush called the new great goal of U.S. foreign policy at the United Nations in October of 1991.

Bush II and Jeb are also free-trade zealots.

But when the American people discovered that the export of their factories and jobs to low-wage countries, and sinking salaries, were the going price of globalism, they rebelled, turned to Trump, and voted for him to put America first again.

Does anyone think that if Trump loses, we are going back to Davos-Dubai ideology, and Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership is our future? Even Hillary Clinton has gotten the message and dumped TPP.

Economic nationalism is the future.

The only remaining question is how many trade deficits shall America endure, and how many defeats shall the Republican Party suffer, before it formally renounces the free-trade fanaticism that has held it in thrall.

The Bush idea of remaking America into a more ethnically, culturally, diverse nation through mass immigration, rooted in an egalitarian ideology, also appears to be yesterday’s enthusiasm.

Diversity is dead. Multiculturalism is dead. Globocop is dead. Globalism and free trade are terminal. Mass migration is on its last legs. Most importantly, nationalism is on the rise and hasn’t even begun to crescendo.

Stay angry, friends. Stand firm. Give them no quarter or respite, for they will give you none.