The cucks concur

Lion Ted Cruz wowed America and all but secured the 2020 nomination with his amazing non-endorsement speech at the RNC:

Erick Erickson ‏@EWErickson

David Frum ‏@davidfrum
Ted Cruz earned the most honorable boos at a GOP convention since those for Nelson Rockefeller for condemning the John Birch Society.

Erick Erickson ‏@EWErickson
Ted Cruz is the only one in Cleveland not willing to whore himself to Cheeto Jesus. History will favor him.

Matthew Continetti ‏@continetti
The nationalists may very well take over the GOP for years to come. That doesn’t mean conservatives should be quiet. @tedcruz won’t be.

Jonah Goldberg‏@JonahNRO
I choose Ted.

Robert P. George ‏@McCormickProf
Ted has never been afraid to enter a hostile environment and speak his mind. He was like that even as an undergrad. He can’t be intimidated.

Erick Erickson ‏@EWErickson
Trump supporters have so much butt hurt over Cruz, who said to go vote in November and congratulated Trump.

Meghan McCain ‏@MeghanMcCain
Ted Cruz. Mic drop. Thank god someone still cares about the soul of the party of Lincoln and Reagan.

Erick Erickson ‏@EWErickson
Of note, Ted Cruz is getting praised from both the left and right of the GOP, but not from the establishment. Perfect set up for 2020.

Jim Treacher ‏@jtLOL
Ted Cruz Had His Vito Corleone Moment; Trump And The RNC Hate It Didn’t Backfire

Now, my thought is that you might want to look at those names and consider: if your opinion of of Ted Cruz’s self-immolation on the national stage is even remotely in line with theirs, you just might want to reconsider it.