Hilbot needs a reboot

Now, some have claimed that Hillary Clinton is ill, brain-damaged, prone to seizures, or a Lizard Queen whose human skin suit doesn’t always fit very well. However, I think that what we’re seeing here is a simple bug in Google’s Hilbot-16, easily repaired by a simple reboot. Nothing to worry about, as Google’s finest engineers are on it.

Please continue not noticing all of the information about the Democratic National Committee being released by Wikileaks.

What only exacerbates the creepiness is the way that she immediately tries to laugh it off and change the subject, which means this sort of thing has happened often enough that she’s been trained how to try to minimize people’s reactions to it. This is probably why she hasn’t been giving any interviews or press conferences.

One wonders how they plan to keep her under wraps if she were to win the election. Perhaps they have in mind a system like the one Robert Silverberg imagined for Majipoor, where the Pontifex disappears into the Labyrinth following his elevation from Coronal, never to be seen again.

It doesn’t matter, really. Because Trumpslide.

UPDATE: Snopes tries to play defense, fails.

The fact that Clinton immediately repeated her initial reaction for humorous effect supports the hypothesis that it stemmed from a conscious movement and not an involuntary seizure.

No, it means that the seizures happen often enough that she has a go-to strategy to try to convince people they did not see what they saw.