Books and commenters

All right, so there is clearly a sufficient amount of interest in the concept of annotated classics from Castalia. This leads to the obvious next question: which classics and which commentators?

I think some variant of MMP’s P500 system might work here, where people can preorder a book but will not be charged for it until a certain number is hit, thereby triggering the production process. But before we can figure out what goes in the place of the 500, we’d need to determine what is of the most interest to the most people.

So far, we have the two combinations that I’d originally mentioned:

  • Aristotle’s Rhetoric, Vox Day
  • Clausewitz’s On War, Martin van Creveld
What other specific combinations would you like to see? We’ll need a list first, after which we can order the priority. Then I can talk to the various authors to see if they’d be interested.

UPDATE: While I’m flattered that a number of you are interested in my comments on various classics, if you consider that my plate is already rather full, it would probably be more practical to suggest other commentators.