Homeschool or die, homogamy edition

And this is why every sensible parent is rightfully wary of those super-caring male teachers:

Police continue to investigate sexual abuse allegations by three teenage victims assaulted by a South St. Paul teacher and his “husband”[sic] found dead in Washington last week.

Aric Babbitt, 40, and Matthew Deyo, 36, knew they were being investigated by police when they left town in mid August, according to court documents recently made public. Their bodies were found on a beach on Lopez Island by a kayaker Aug. 25. Police later discovered a suicide note.

One of the victims came forward to the police Aug. 14. Like the others, Babbitt and Deyo were friends with the teen’s parents and acted as mentors to them, the documents said. They would take them on trips, sometimes getting them drunk or high and then have sex with them, the documents said.

Never forget that gay men are 14 times more likely to sexually abuse children than straight men. That doesn’t mean all of them are chickenhawks, but it is something you should probably keep in mind when that super-dedicated drama teacher with the mustache is really, really insistent about how your 13-year-old son would absolutely benefit from taking part in the big weekend trip to the state convention.

And, according to my gay acquaintances, more than a few gay “marriages” would be better described as “conspiracies to commit statutory rape”.

As for male teachers, think about what kind of man is capable of surviving, let alone thriving, in the SJW-converged environment of public school teaching.

“Babbitt’s Youtube channel depicts a highly-involved teacher who cared about his students.”

Highly-involved. You don’t say.

“According to the report, Babbitt became the boy’s mentor after he came out of the closet to his family.”

Mentor. Right.

The first thing we do

Is shoot all the lawyers. Glenn Reynolds draws our attention to an absurd parody of justice and recompense:

In 2013, Yahoo announced that it would begin scanning its users’ e-mail for targeted advertising purposes—just as Google does. As is par for the course, class-action lawsuits were filed. The Silicon Valley media giant, according to one of the lawsuits, was violating the “personal liberties” of non-Yahoo Mail users. That’s because non-Yahoo Mail users, who have sent mail to Yahoo mail users, were having their e-mail scanned without their permission.

The suit, which was one of six that were co-mingled as a single class action, demanded that a judge halt the scanning and award each victim “$5,000 or three times actual damages” in addition to “reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.”

Fast forward three years. The case is now closed. Days ago, a Silicon Valley federal judge signed off (PDF) on a settlement (PDF). The lawyers won, they were awarded $4 million (£3 million), and the public got nothing. What’s more, the settlement allows Yahoo to continue to scan e-mails without non-Yahoo users’ consent.

It’s almost as though class-action suits have become nothing more than shakedown operations for lawyers.

We will, of course, spare Dr. Reynolds as the proverbial exception to the rule and award him his pick of his former colleague’s estates.

It would be in the definite interest of the American people to pass a law that forbids lawyers to collect more than 10 percent of any settlement or court-dictated award. Unfortunately, the lawyers in Congress are very unlikely to ever permit the passage of anything that would restrain the rapacious predation of their colleagues.

Rejecting the Alt-RINOs

Lawrence Murray is alert to the problem of entryism that sank the Tea Party, and provides a useful guide to distinguishing between the genuine Alt-Right and the Alt-Right In Name Onlys:

Civic nationalists


Civic nationalism is magic dirt nationalism. It’s the idea that anyone anywhere can be shoved into the blast furnace of America and made into an American. There’s just something about being here that makes you belong here. I mean after all, we’re a nation of immigrants right (no reference as to where most of them came from before the last few decades)? Please invade us, just make sure you adopt our language and love of voting and mindless consumption. Race and religion don’t real; it’s being a good citizen that matters!

When this country becomes “minority-majority” in the 2040s, as it currently is for children under five, it will not be recognizable as a country founded by British people and then populated by waves of pan-European immigration from 1790-1965. The United States will change radically as a result of the third demographic transition. What could be less conservative or nationalistic than letting your people be bred out of existence by foreigners?

Civic nationalists are most certainly not Alt-Right. Nothing they advocate will end the downward trajectory of the United States from a White majoritarian republic (the historical American nation) to a third world shopping mall (Weimerica). It will just make them feel better about their mystery meat grandchildren since at least they wave the flag and speak some variant of English.

The Alt-Right supports ethno-nationalism, not slow death.


These are a kind of civic nationalist, I would argue, except even more into legalism and “muh ideas” than they are about an actual identity. They have a paper fetishism for the Constitution and the US legal system, even when it works against them. For example, the (((Supreme Court))), or the Sanhedrin as I call it, currently has three Jews and five Catholics. Justice Antonin Scalia (pbuh) once suggested that there should be more Protestants on the bench, since America has a lot of Protestants and they are totally unrepresented in one of the most powerful organs of the federal government. Obama’s proposed nominee is (((Merrick Garland))), “a white guy, but he’s a really outstanding jurist.” Thankfully he’s being stonewalled by Cuckgressional Republicans, who are doing something useful for once.

For Constitutionalists, not identity, but legal documents are the source of the nation. Tell me how that works out for you when this happens, because the Constitution has glaringly failed to defend the liberty of our posterity.

Now, The Right Stuff may be less than entirely enthusiastic about me, given my Indian and Aztec ancestry as well as my doubts about the prospects for pan-white nationalism in Europe, and I have no problem with those who observe that my identity as a Red reservationist intrinsically disqualifies me as a leader, or even a member, of the Alt-Right. As my longtime readers know, I have zero interest in leadership or belonging to any group; I may be the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil, and my Vile Faceless Minions may happen to mindlessly obey me, but that is simply the natural order of things and an incidental consequence of my contemplations. Although some might very much like to put themselves forward as “leaders” of the Alt-Right – particularly the Dick Armeys and Dana Loesches of the world – I think the Alt-Right would do very well to learn from GamerGate and adopt the leaderless strategy that proved so effective in denying the mainstream media the opportunity to “behead the snake”.

As to whether I am a legitimate member of the Alt-Right or not, I will merely observe that the movement is already utilizing words and concepts of my coinage, including in this very article.

The only thing I would add to Murray’s article is that while I understand the need to focus on, and underline, the integral white nationalist element of the Alt-Right, even in this very article it implies the larger aspect of the general pro-nationalism that I believe is vital to the ultimate success of the Alt-Right. I don’t say this because I am as eager to call myself Alt-Right as an immigrant is to call himself as American as anyone else, but for strategic reasons.

If Alt-Right is solely synonymous with Alt-White, it will be readily replaced as the other nationalists, potential allies from Zionists to Chinese, Swedish, and Igbo nationalists, reject the brand and the movement in favor of something that has room for their nationalism. That is why I favor the broader Alt-Right perspective, not one that permits Civic Nationalists, Constitutionalists, Free Marketeers, or Israel-First “Americans”, but one that is as willing to say that China belongs to the Han, Israel belongs to the Jews, and Germany belongs to the Germans as it is willing to declare that America belongs to the Posterity of the Founding Fathers. Hence the 16 points that I proposed the other day.

The best rhetoric is always rooted firmly in truth. Nationalism is not only not supremacism, it is more firmly rooted in historical and scientific fact, and it is a considerably more effective ideology with much better prospects for long-term success.

Churchianity and the feminized church

It’s really rather remarkable, that as Christians lament declining attendance in their churches, and particularly, the growing absence of men of any age in them, they continue to double-down on the Churchian doctrine of the Holy Lady Parts. Rollo Tomassi observes that there is a material price to the structural and spiritual violations of 1 Corinthians 14:34-35, to say nothing of 1 Timothy 2:11–12 and 1 Timothy 3:11.

After almost six years of following the religious aspects of the Red Pill, I think it’s high time men acknowledge that modern Christian culture simply does not have men’s best interests as part of its doctrine anymore. Christianity, in particular, is by women, for women – if not directly executed by women, though even that is changing.

Church culture is now openly hostile towards any expression of conventional masculinity that doesn’t directly benefit women and actively conditions men to be serviceable, gender-loathing Betas. The feminist narrative of “toxic masculinity” has entirely replaced any semblance of what traditional masculinity or manhood once was to the church. Any hint of a masculinity not entirely beholden to a now feminine-primary purpose is not only feared, but shamed with feminine-interpreted aspersions of faith.

I recently read a study that our current generation is the least religious in history and I think as far as men are concerned much of that disdain for religion is attributable to a church culture that constantly and openly ridicules and debases any male-specific endeavors or anything characteristic of conventional masculinity. It’s no secret in today’s church franchisement that reaching out to, and retaining the interests of, men is at its most difficult.

Again, this is attributable to a generation of feminized men being raised into a church culture, and eventual church leadership, that has been taught to prioritize and identify with the feminine and reinforced with articles of faith now defined by the Feminine Imperative. The modern church has trouble reaching men because the church no longer has a grasp of what it means to be ‘men’.

To be clear, that’s not an indictment of the genuine faith itself, but rather a fairly measured observation of the way a feminine-primary church culture has shaped that faith. In the future, any man with a marginal capacity for critical thought will avoid the contemporary Christian church and religion for the obvious misandry it espouses; the only religious men you will find will be those raised into a life of religiously motivated Beta servitude – or those dragged to the feminine-directed church by wives who hold authoritative ‘headship’ in their relationships.

And even in what some consider to be pro-masculine or “macho” churches, we still find the Paper Alpha leaders preach from a mindset that defers wholesale to the feminine’s “Godly perfection” as they attempt to AMOG other male member to greater devotion to qualifying for, and identifying with, the feminine influence that pervades their church.

In this, as in so many things, observe that the consequence of following the lie is eventual destruction. This is what Paul means by knowing things by their fruits. If a church can throw out such clear Biblical direction in the interest of remaining in harmony with the current social or political consensus, it is only a matter of time before it will throw out any other instruction that makes anyone feel uncomfortable, and eventually, the Cross and the very concept of sin as well.

One need not be a theologian, or even a Christian, to see how this process has played out over the last 50 years.

Alt-Prawica: 16 punktów

1. Alt-Prawica należy do politycznej prawicy, zarówno w amerykańskim, jak i w europejskim znaczeniu “prawicy”. Socjaliści nie należą do ruchu Alt-Prawica. Progresywiści nie należą do ruchu Alt-Prawica. Liberałowie nie należą do ruchu Alt-Prawica. Wreszcie, komuniści, marksiści, zwolennicy kulturowego marksizmu, neo-konserwatyści również nie należą do ruchu Alt-Prawica.

2. Alt-Prawica stanowi ALTERNATYWĘ wobec główno-nurtowej odmiany konserwatyzmu w USA, której ideologia teoretycznie jest zawarta w 10 Zasadach Konserwatyzmu Russela Kirka, ale w praktyce degeneruje się w stronę progresywizmu. Ruch Alt-Prawica stanowi także alternatywę wobec libertarianizmu.
3. Ruch Alt-Prawica nie opiera się na defensywnej postawie i odrzuca koncepcję szlachetnej porażki w imię utrzymania pryncypiów. Ruch ten jest filozofią ofensywną w każdym znaczeniu tego słowa. Alt-Prawica  wierzy w zwycięstwo poprzez wytrwałość, przy pozostaniu w zgodzie z nauką, rzeczywistością, tradycją kulturową i lekcjami historii.
4. Alt-Prawica uważa, że zachodnia cywilizacja stanowi szczytowe osiągnięcie ludzkości i wspiera jej trzy podstawowe kolumny: chrześcijaństwo, narodowości Europy oraz Greko-Romańskie dziedzictwo.
5. Alt-Prawica jest otwarcie i zaprzysięgle nacjonalistyczna. Wspiera wszelskie nacjonalizmy i prawo wszystkich narodów do istnienia, jednolitych i nie zniszczonych przez obce inwazje i imigrację.
6. Alt-Prawica jest anty-globalistyczna. Sprzeciwia się wszystkim grupom pracujących w imię globalistycznych ideałów lub celów.
7. Alt-Prawica jest anty-egalitarystyczna. Nie wierzy w ideę równości dla tego samego powodu, dla którego nie wierz w jednorożce i krasnoludki, zauważając, że równość między ludźmi nie istnieje w dającej się zauważyć naukowej, prawnej, materialnej, intelektualnej, płciowej czy duchowej formie.
8. Alt-Prawica jest scjentyczna. Domniemuje prawdziwość bieżących ustaleń osiągniętych przy pomocy metody naukowej, rozumiejąc jednak, że a) ustalenia te mogą ulec zmianie w przyszłości b) nauka jest podatna na korupcję c) tak zwany konsensus naukowy nie jest oparty na metodzie naukowej, lecz na demokracji i dlatego też z samej swej natury nie jest naukowy.
9. Alt-Prawica wierzy, że tożsamość > kultura > polityka
10. Alt-Prawica sprzeciwia się rządom lub dominacji jakiejkolwiej rodzimej grupy etnicznej przez inną, zwłaszcza w suwerennych ojczyznach dominowanego ludu. Alt-Prawo sprzeciwia się, by jakakolwiek nie-rodzima grupa etniczna zdobyła nadmierny wpływ w jakiejkolwiej społeczności poprzez nepotyzm, trybalizm czy jakiekolwiek inne środki.
12. Alt-Prawica rozumie, że różnorodność + bliskość = wojna
12. Alt-Prawica nie dba o to, co o niej myślisz.
13. Alt-Prawica sprzeciwia się międzynarowemu wolnemu handlowi i wolnemu przepływowi ludzi, którego taki handel wymaga. Korzyści z handlu wewnątrz państw nie są dowodem
na korzyści handlu międzynarodowego.
14. Alt-Prawica wierzy, że musimy zabezpieczyć istnienie białych oraz przyszłość białych dzieci.
15. Alt-Prawica nie wierzy w wyższość jakiekolwiek rasy, narodu, ludzi czy podgatunku. Każda rasa, naród, lud czy podgatunek ludzki ma swoje własne unikalne siły i słabości i posiada prawo do cieszenia się taką kulturą, jaką sobie ceni, bez groźby zewnętrznej ingerencji.
16. Alt-Prawica jest filozofią ceniącą sobie pokój między narodami świata i sprzeciwia się wojnom mającym na celu narzucenia wartości jednego narodu innemu, jak również sprzeciwia się wysiłkom zmierzającym do wyniszczenia narodów poprzez wojnę, ludobójstwo, imigrację lub genetyczną asymilację.

Get ’em out

I would like to apologize in advance, because you’re going to be singing this amazing song for the rest of the evening, whether you want to or not. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll take your pants off, you’ll listen to it 37 straight times.

 He was the king of the jungle now he’s king of my heart 
And I’m Curious George, when did this all start? 
Well my life fell apart when you killed him. 
Man, Harambe was a real one (I miss you)
Yeah, you can’t stop this shine
Cuz I know he’s watching us from the sky

What is the Alt Right?

Stefan Molyneaux and I consider the question.

Just as Mike Cernovich is killing it on Twitter, Stefan is the king of the YouTube/podcast interview. He mentioned that our last conversation had 250,000 downloads. The Alt-Right may be the mainstream story du jour, but the real story is the way the Alt-Media is beginning to flex its muscle. I turned down five media requests in the last three days, but I’m always happy to make time for Stefan.

16 Punkte der Alternative Rechte

I expect some will even say that it reads better in the original German. Any corrections to the translation would be welcomed. In any event, it will be useful to see these 16 points translated into many different languages, so that it can serve as a starting point for all the various nationalities to whom it may prove appealing.

1. Die Alternative Rechte steht politisch Rechts, sowohl in der amerikanischen wie auch in der europäischen Deutung des Begriffs. Sozialisten sind keine Alternative Rechte. Progressive sind keine Alternative Rechte. Liberale sind keine Alternative Rechte. Kommunisten, Marxisten, Kulturmarxisten und Neokonservative sind keine Alternative Rechte.

2. Die Alternative Rechte ist eine alternative zur konservativen Hauptbewegung in den USA, die dem Namen nach in Russel Kirk´s 10 konservative Prinzipien eingekapselt ist, aber in Wirklichkeit in Reformpolitik übergegangen ist.

3. Die Alternative Rechte ist keine defensive Haltung und lehnt das Konzept der edlen und prinzipiellen Niederlage ab. Es ist eine zukunftsorientierte Philosophie des Anstoßes, im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Die Alternative Rechte glaubt an den Sieg durch Beharrlichkeit und zum Verbleib in Harmonie mit der Wissenschaft, Wirklichkeit, kulturellen Tradition und der Lehren der Geschichte.

4. Die Alternative Rechte glaubt, die westlichen Zivilisation ist der Gipfel der menschlichen Leistung und unterstützt seine drei grundlegenden Säulen: Das Christentum, die europäischen Nationen und das griechisch-römische Erbe.

5. Die Alternative Rechte ist offen und bekennend nationalistisch. Sie unterstützt jeden Nationalismus und das Recht aller Völker zu existieren, homogen und unverfälscht durch ausländische Invasion und Einwanderung.

6. Die Alternative Rechte ist gegen Globalisierung. Es wendet sich gegen alle Gruppen, die für Ideale oder Ziele der Globalisierung arbeiten.

7. Die Alternative Rechte ist anti-egalitär. Sie lehnt die Idee der Gleichheit aus dem gleichen Grund ab, wie sie auch die Ideen von Einhörnern und Kobolden ablehnt, stellt fest, dass die Gleichheit der Menschen in keiner beobachtbaren wissenschaftlichen, rechtlichen, materiellen, intellektuellen, sexuellen oder geistigen Form existiert.

8. Die Alternative Rechte unterstützt die wissenschaftliche Methode. Sie akzeptiert die mutmaßlichen aktuellen Ergebnisse der wissenschaftlichen Methode, während sie versteht das a) diese Schlussfolgerungen anfällig für zukünftige Änderungen sind, b) dass Wissenschaft anfällig für Korruption ist, und c) dass der sogenannte wissenschaftliche Konsens nicht auf Wissenschaftlichkeit beruht, sondern auf Demokratie und daher an sich unwissenschaftlich ist.

9. Die Alternative Rechte glaubt Identität > Kultur > Politik.

10. Die Alternative Rechte lehnt die Regelung oder Herrschaft jeder einheimischen ethnischen Gruppe durch eine andere ab, vor allem in den souveränen Heimatländern der beherrschten Völker. Die Alternative Rechte steht im Gegensatz zu jeder nicht heimischen ethnischen Gruppe in jeder Gesellschaft, die zu starken Einfluss durch Nepotismus, Stammesdenken oder andere Mittel erhält.

11. Die Alternative Rechte versteht, dass Vielfalt + Nähe = Krieg.

12. Der Alternativen Rechten ist es egal, was Sie davon halten.

13. Die Alternative Rechte lehnt den internationalen Freihandel und den freien Verkehr von Menschen ab, die der freie Handel erfordert. Die Vorteile der inner-nationalen Handels ist kein Beweis für die Vorteile des internationalen Freihandels.

14. Die Alternative Rechte glaubt, dass wir die Existenz von weißen Menschen und eine Zukunft für weiße Kinder sichern müssen.

15. Die Alternative Rechte glaubt nicht an der allgemeinen Vorherrschaft einer Rasse, Nation, Menschen oder Unterarten. Jede Rasse, Nation, die Menschen und die menschlichen Unterarten haben ihre eigenen einzigartigen Stärken und Schwächen, und besitzen das Souveräne Recht, unbehelligt in der einheimischen Kultur zu leben, die es bevorzugt.

16. Die Alternative Rechte ist eine Philosophie, die auf den Frieden zwischen den verschiedenen Nationen der Welt Wert legt und stellt sich gegen Kriege, die Werte einer Nation einer anderen aufzwingen sowie die Bemühungen, einzelne Nationen durch Krieg, Völkermord, Einwanderung oder genetische Assimilation auszurotten.

Die Alternative Rechte ist eine westliche Ideologie, die an Wissenschaftlichkeit, Geschichte, Wirklichkeit glaubt und das Recht einer genetischen Nation zu existieren und sich selbst in ihrem eigenen Interesse zu regieren.