The content censors

Instagram shuts down street artist’s account:

There is an interesting free speech controversy in Melbourne and on the Internet. Melbourne street artist, Lushsux, has not only been told by a city council to remove a parody mural of Hillary Clinton but his Instagram account has been shut down. Once again, the concern is that there remains a overt liberal bias in the sanctioning of comments or images on the Internet.

Lushsux had more than 100,000 Instagram followers who enjoy his paintings and images — work that extends almost two decades. He noted that “It’s fine to go on and do a mural on Trump, but when I go and do one on Hillary Clinton, my account is gone.”

Notably, there are plenty of suggestive murals splashed across Melbourne’s street-scape, including murals featuring Republican nominee Donald Trump and a topless Melania Trump emblazoned with the Mrs Clinton’s campaign catchphrase, “I’m With Her.”

You know, I didn’t sweat it when Goodreads banned me and a few others over being Rabid Puppies. And while Milo didn’t deserve to get banned from Twitter, it wasn’t exactly shocking considering the way he’d been actively baiting them. But things are really starting to get very creepy and 1984 fast.

The SJW left controls the social media high ground and they are making no bones about their complete willingness to abuse their position in order to further their political agenda. Keep that in mind once the alternatives begin to present themselves.

Speaking of social media censors, Facebook has suspended Michael Savage:

Facebook has temporarily blocked talk-radio host Michael Savage from posting stories to his page after he put up a link to a story about a Muslim migrant killing a pregnant woman in Germany.

A message from the social media giant on Savage’s page said: “You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you’re temporarily blocked from using this feature.”

The message then refers the user to Facebook’s “Community Standards” and states the block will be active for 21 hours.