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This is a very good time to sign up for the Castalia House New Release mailing list if you don’t subscribe to it already, as we have at least three books coming out in the next four weeks, and we regularly offer free bonus books to subscribers who buy new releases on the first two days of publication.

We don’t spam, we don’t sell email addresses, and we only send out emails when we have a new release coming out. So, if you are interested in one or more of our authors, from Tom Kratman, John C. Wright, and Jerry Pournelle to Nick Cole, Peter Grant, and Rod Walker, I’d encourage you to sign up for it.

All you have to do is enter your email and hit Subscribe. It will take you to a page informing you that you will receive an email asking you for confirmation; it can take up to 10 minutes for the confirmation email to arrive, so don’t resubscribe if it doesn’t show up right away.

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