The white dilemma

Think about how many nice white people in Minnesota will decry these two men in Little Falls who are doing nothing more than trying to defend their land from invasion by aliens without resorting to violence:‪

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) is calling on the FBI to investigate an alleged threat by two men to burn down the house of a Somali-American woman in that state if she and her family do not leave town. The Muslim woman, who moved to Little Falls, Minn., earlier this year, was reportedly confronted at her home by two men who called her a terrorist and said Muslims are not allowed to live in that city.

Now think about how many of those nice white people in Minnesota are going to shriek like banshees among themselves when the first Somali moves into their neighborhood. And how they’re going to lament the way that no one did anything to prevent it from happening.

There are no good choices anymore. If Little Falls is now diverse, there is literally nowhere in the USA left to run, and it is apparent that the full force of the Federal government will be used against anyone who doesn’t meekly submit to the invasion. 20 years ago, leaving the USA was a realistic option. But it’s much more difficult now, since other nations want Americans about as much as other US states want Californians.

This is the world that all that lovely diversity and multiculturalism has wrought. But fortunately, no matter what happens, we’ll be able to rest secure in the knowledge that at least we didn’t give anyone cause to call us racist.