When dilution fails

Steve Sailer observes that distributed integration is bound to fail:

A general problem faced by liberal social policies is that they are all based on 1960s assumptions about the immense size of the white Baby Boom majority into which minority problem people can be diluted at little harm to individual members of the majority.

The fundamental problem with progressive social policies in 2016 is that the country is running out of white kids to use to absorb the problems of minority kids.

We could charitably call this the Tragic Paradox of Liberalism: the liberal solution has always been to integrate the problem minorities with the majority, but to get the political power to do that, liberals have systematically set about reducing the majority to a minority, which means that their traditional solutions won’t work anymore, even in theory.

The secret way in which the local governments are surreptitiously buying suburban houses and installing black families in them is downright diabolical, considering how much effort whites around the USA have put into peacefully escaping minority-invaded communities.

This is not only evil on the part of the local governments, but it is extremely short-sighted, because if white flight is removed as an option, the only alternative that remains is white fight. Perhaps triggering that is the goal, as it appears the government officials are perfectly aware of the extreme unpopularity of their actions.