In which clarification is required

The Swedes would like to make a few things clear to the world:

In light of reoccurring misconceptions on rape statistics in Sweden, the following should be noted:

To compare reported rape in Sweden with reported rapes in other countries with different legal and statistical systems does not describe reality correctly.

Sweden has a broad judicial definition of acts that are considered as rape.

In addition, Sweden uses a broad definition when calculating crime statistics. Every single offence is for example recorded separately and all reported events are counted as crimes even if some of them later are found not to have constituted criminal offences.

Criminal statistics are also influenced by reporting rates. In Sweden the authorities make great efforts to encourage victims of sexual offences to report these crimes.

Crime level comparisons between countries based on statistics are fraught with difficulties due to different methodologies in different jurisdictions.

Whatever. Swedes are the dodo birds of the human race. Their Viking ancestors must be rolling over in the graves in shame.