An actual Alt Right take

Richard Spencer contemplates why Hillary appears to be intent on increasing the Alt Right’s media profile:

Hillary is trying to push the GOP into permanent minority status by empowering the Alt Right—and, believe me, she will be empowering us today. The Alt Right is, in a way, what people wrongly accuse the GOP of being: a nationalist party for White people. Hillary’s Alt Right speech will try to force the GOP to become what it is.

At Milo’s party last month, I made an outlandish self-fulfilling prophecy: “We’ve taken over the Right.” The fact is, the mass media—and now none less than Hillary Clinton—want us to take over the Right.

In fact, they are going to help us do it, if only we would let them.

It’s an interesting take, although I’ve been saying that the GOP needed to become the White Party if it was going to survive. Otherwise, if it insists on trying to continue pretending to play ideological politics as the junior partner in the bi-factional ruling party, it will rapidly go the way of the Whigs in the new identity politics system.

In any event, we’ll find out if he’s right or not soon enough.

UPDATE: If you haven’t re-upped for Brainstorm yet, now is definitely the time. Invites will go out as soon as we can confirm the time, but Richard and I will be debating white nationalism, white supremacy, and whether there is room in the Alt Right for non-whites at a closed Brainstorm session tomorrow night, tentatively scheduled for 7 PM Eastern.