(((Ben))) bravely runs away… again

(((Ben Shapiro))) is such a masterful debater, so intellectually powerful and confident of his positions on free trade and antisemitism, that he has now ducked a second direct challenge from me.

Supreme Dark Lord ‏@voxday
@benshapiro Since you were afraid to debate free trade with me, why don’t we debate the nature of anti-semitism?

Trent Harmon ‏@harmTRON
I smell desperation from @voxday

 Supreme Dark Lord@voxday
@harmTRON @benshapiro You need to get your nose checked. (((Ben))) is the one running from me. It’s not the other way around.

Ben Shapiro‏@benshapiro
I don’t run from dog crap or debate it. I just wipe it off my shoe and move on.

I have to admit, I find it more than a little puzzling that people like Shapiro, Myers, and Scalzi genuinely seem to believe that they can run away from direct public challenges, but still maintain a credible public posture as a brave defender of their beliefs more than capable of defeating any challenger.

Anyhow, since we won’t be debating, I see no reason not to point out that the whole “Judeo-Christian” heritage line, with which propagandists and rhetoricians like (((Ben))) have made so much hay among Christians, is even more bogus than “the melting pot”. It doesn’t even show up before 1840! Notice, in particular, the way in which usage takes off after 1965, at precisely the same time “a nation of immigrants” did the same.

UPDATE: This is telling.

Free Northerner ‏@FreeNortherner
Check @benshapiro ‘s blatant hypocrisy. 4 hours ago he mocked @piersmorgan for not debating @scrowder. 2 hours ago he ran away from @voxday.