Biology is a social construct

Pity these poor genetic scientists. Someone needs to inform them that race and ethnicity do not exist, and that gender is a social construct. Obviously there is no way that this so-called test can possibly work; they might as well claim to test for unicorn and leprechaun hair.

The crime-busting tools of science fiction are becoming a reality. A new forensic test can detect the ethnicity and gender of someone using nothing but a single hair, and in less than two minutes no less, according to a new study.

The study, published in the Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, details how a new tool designed by scientists has shown a 100 percent success rate in identifying gender and ethnicity using a strand of hair.

This test reportedly trumps DNA testing currently used by law enforcement – which traditionally relies on blood to determine factors like gender and ethnicity. According to a Queen’s University press release, the new test and tool also works in a fraction of the time of standard blood testing, getting highly accurate results in about 85 seconds.

According to the study, the test takes an unusual approach to DNA testing, in which a single hair is ground up and then burnt. The foul smelling vapor consequently produced is then analyzed to produce a DNA analysis that reportedly has had a 100 percent success rate.

“Our analysis process is very robust and can be used universally,” co-author Lily Huang said in a recent statement. According to Huang, the incredibly fast test can distinguish between East Asians, Caucasians and South Asians, to name a few ethnicities, and is even accurate when analyzing hair that has been dyed.

Advances in genetic science terrifies the Left and the equalitarian “Right” alike. This response was particularly amusing:

Jon Matthews ‏@mrmatthewsjbhs
it was a graduate student’s experiment that tested 13 hairs.  Groundbreaking! #altreich or #altright? 

Equalitarians make Flat Earthers and haruspices look scientifically advanced by comparison.