Red hot Babymetal

Mighty Japanese metal act BABYMETAL have been tapped as the unlikely — but very cool — special guests for Red Hot Chili Peppers’ upcoming UK tour. The three-piece, who released their Metal Resistance album this past spring, will open a string of dates in early December, including shows in London, Glasgow, and Manchester.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a rehash of the Lollapalooza at which Psykosonik was supposed to play on the second stage – we didn’t because Paul got lost on the way to the concert – where Ministry blew the Chili Peppers off the stage. Even in a small venue, Babymetal was one of the more entertaining bands I’ve seen live. And their instrumentalists are no joke.

They certainly also appear to have all their Illuminati-symbolism down, though whether it is knowingly purposeful or merely the usual Japanese imitation of mysterious Western customs, I cannot say, but it is so flawless that I assume the former. And yes, upon further review, this explains it: “The choreographer Mikiko of groups like Babymetal and Perfume is actually involved in the 2016 Olympics. Because Japan has a small part in the closing ceremony.”