So that’s settled

Richard B. Spencer ‏@RichardBSpencer
I might quibble here and there, but @voxday’s definition of the #AltRight is quite sound.

Richard was a great guest at Brainstorm tonight. The surprising – and frankly, somewhat alarming – thing, was the discovery that the noble Person of Color was somewhat more out there on several of the Alt-Right aspects we discussed than the No Good Very Bad Nazi White Supremacist With Great Fashy Hair.

One of the great strengths of the Alt-Right is that it is not only intellectually inclined, but that it is open-minded and honest. We didn’t agree on everything, in fact, it was clear that my outlook is considerably more pessimistic (or if you prefer, less pollyannish) than Richard’s. It’s also more European and ethnonationalist than his more American and civic-nationalist perspective.

But regardless, it was a good, substantive discussion.