Homeschool or die, homogamy edition

And this is why every sensible parent is rightfully wary of those super-caring male teachers:

Police continue to investigate sexual abuse allegations by three teenage victims assaulted by a South St. Paul teacher and his “husband”[sic] found dead in Washington last week.

Aric Babbitt, 40, and Matthew Deyo, 36, knew they were being investigated by police when they left town in mid August, according to court documents recently made public. Their bodies were found on a beach on Lopez Island by a kayaker Aug. 25. Police later discovered a suicide note.

One of the victims came forward to the police Aug. 14. Like the others, Babbitt and Deyo were friends with the teen’s parents and acted as mentors to them, the documents said. They would take them on trips, sometimes getting them drunk or high and then have sex with them, the documents said.

Never forget that gay men are 14 times more likely to sexually abuse children than straight men. That doesn’t mean all of them are chickenhawks, but it is something you should probably keep in mind when that super-dedicated drama teacher with the mustache is really, really insistent about how your 13-year-old son would absolutely benefit from taking part in the big weekend trip to the state convention.

And, according to my gay acquaintances, more than a few gay “marriages” would be better described as “conspiracies to commit statutory rape”.

As for male teachers, think about what kind of man is capable of surviving, let alone thriving, in the SJW-converged environment of public school teaching.

“Babbitt’s Youtube channel depicts a highly-involved teacher who cared about his students.”

Highly-involved. You don’t say.

“According to the report, Babbitt became the boy’s mentor after he came out of the closet to his family.”

Mentor. Right.