Brainstorm: who is next?

It’s about time to do another literary Open Brainstorm session, so with which Castalia House author would you most like to discuss his works? I don’t count, so leave me out of it. We’ll save John C. Wright for after his next two books come out too, so don’t select him either. One thing we’re going to do differently than before is to allow people to submit their questions for the author ahead of time, which should help keep things rolling and allow us to address more topics in more detail.

Go ahead and suggest away, and whoever is most in demand at the moment will be invited first. If they can’t do it for one reason or another, we’ll work our way down the list. Remember, this isn’t about your favorite Castalia author, or who you think is the best Castalia author, only the author for whom you’ve got the most burning questions.

Brainstorm members, the transcript for the Richard Spencer session is being prepared and will be going out to you this weekend. It will not be made generally available.

UPDATE: David the Good it is, assuming he’s not too busy with his new hobby of extreme body-modification.