I can live with this

Sam Bradford is observably the best passer the Vikings have had since Bret Farve’s One Bright Season. I suspect he will prove better than Teddy Bridgewater, having seen every pass the latter has thrown in a game since he entered the league. Bradford doesn’t have the strongest arm, but he hits crossing receivers in stride and he can deliver an accurate ball even when he’s under pressure.

I would not be at all surprised if Bradford started the game against Tennessee next weekend, since Norv Turner has a history of preparing newly acquired quarterbacks quickly. Besides, how hard can it be for an NFL starter to learn the Shaun Hill gameplan?

  • First down: hand off to AD
  • Second down: hand off to AD
  • Third down: fake handoff to AD, play-action route to a) Stefon Diggs or b) Kyle Rudolph
  • Repeat if SUM(1D:3D) is greater than 10 yards. If SUM(1D:3D) is less than 10 yards, punt