Mike Cernovich was right

As Mike Cernovich has observed, he mainstream media is no longer an effective vehicle to sell books:

When New York Times chief Mark Thompson published his latest book, ‘Enough Said: What’s Gone Wrong With the Language of Politics?’ this month, there must have been a part of him that worried about its negative title.

If he did have concerns, he wasn’t alone.

New figures obtained by Heat Street show that sales of this collection of his thoughts on the history of the public discourse have got off to a truly dreadful start.

In the UK, the book went on sale on September 1. Between then and September 10 it sold 482 copies. In the US, it went on sale on September 6. Over the next five days it sold a mere 59 copies.

By September 10 the book had also sold 10 copies in Ireland and just one copy in Australia, making a known international total of 552 books. The disappointing figure is despite Thompson being given every chance to plug the book. It has been reviewed widely, including by his own newspaper.

His publicity drive has also included an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine in London and an appearance at the Edinburgh book festival.

By contrast, Cuckservative: How “Conservatives” Betrayed America also has a negative title, but it sold 1,197 copies on day one. It still has not been reviewed or even mentioned by anyone in the mainstream media, despite having been a #1 bestseller in the Politics category.

Blogs 1, Mainstream 0.

As the media reality becomes increasingly detached from observable reality, the media becomes increasingly irrelevant.