Converged beyond belief

A few weeks ago, it became apparent that AirBnB was fully SJW-converged, as they announced plans to try to keep homeowners from being able to discriminate with regards to who was permitted to stay in their homes. But they’re even worse than one might imagine:

Airbnb ‏@Airbnb
We believe in a world where you can #BelongAnywhere. Today there are millions of displaced refugees in need of belonging somewhere.

Airbnb ‏@Airbnb 13 hours ago
We stand #WithRefugees — the millions who have had to leave everything behind, including their homes.

What a creepy pro-invasion image. HERE COME THE DEVIL ZOMBIE PEOPLE! And they’re going to STAY IN YOUR HOUSE! I’ve never used their service before, but taking this stance guarantees that I never will. If you Belong Anywhere, you belong nowhere, to no one.