Whatever, Twitter

I’ve never been a big fan of the medium, I don’t need to use it, and while I probably will get around to accessing my account eventually, their inept technical support simply doesn’t inspire me to make it a priority.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to verify you as the account holder and cannot assist you in accessing the account.

If you know which email address is associated with the account and you no longer have access to that email, please contact your email provider for assistance. More information can be found here: https://support.twitter.com/articles/107907.

For privacy reasons, we are not able to provide any additional information about this account’s email address. Even if you mistyped your email address on signup, we require that you write to us from the exact address tied to the account. There are no security questions you can answer nor additional information you can provide as proof of ownership.

While we understand it can be disappointing when you lose access to an account, these account verification requirements are in place to protect accounts and private user data.

So, they lock the account for “security” reasons at the same time they block links to this blog, but can’t unlock it because I’m not verified. Right. I’m not disappointed at all. It’s not a big deal, all I need to do is restore access to my old email address, but right now, I’m just too busy to bother.

The point is, don’t be concerned if you don’t see me on Twitter for a while. I don’t care about Twitter any more than they do about their users.

But I will observe that this sort of casual indifference to customer relations, especially concerning problems they themselves caused, is the hallmark of a company that is doomed, sooner or later.

Especially when I’ve been on Twitter for years and have only 23,000 followers. I’ve been on Gab for all of about 4 hours and already have 500. Stefan Molyneux has nearly 2,000. If we can reach nearly as many people and without having to put up with all the SJW harassment, that’s a complete no-brainer.

UPDATE: Or maybe I won’t go bother going back at all. Now Twitter is locking the accounts of users who simply retweet a link to this blog. Which means that the “suspicious activity” that got my account locked in the first place was almost certainly posting a link here.

UPDATE: I’ve already changed the @voxday link here from Twitter to Gab. Apparently the waiting list has increased 18k, to 62k, in just the last few hours, so get in line now.