What you’re missing

If you’re not on Gab.

The fundamental uselessness of genocide is best exemplified by the fact that the Turks killed 1.5 million Armenians and somehow missed BOTH the Kardashians and the Sarkeesians.

Watch out, the DREAD ILK are arriving! Stickwick is here. I thought I could feel the average IQ jump. In other good news, #RunThemDown is trending here. #YouWontSeeThatOnTwitter

Just to be clear, I’m not banned from Twitter. I just don’t see any point in providing free content to a site that not only thought-polices that content, but blocks access to my primary content. And perhaps more importantly, the guys behind Gab are smart, friendly people who aren’t SJWs.

And then, there is this:

It’s 2016 and literally everything is offensive. So what is the most offensive costume you can come up with for this Halloween?

Milo in blackface carrying a drowned migrant child.

We’re the George and Gracie of Gab, with just a twist of artistic cruelty.