Trump wins Florida requested ballots

Trump takes at least 43.2 percent of the ballots requested for Florida early voting to Hillary’s 37.3 percent. This election IS NOT GOING TO BE CLOSE. It’s going to be a Trumpslide, as predicted. Republicans had never previously requested more early ballots in Florida than Democrats.

In 2012, Democrats dominated early voting in Florida. In 2016, that domination has been reversed, as Donald Trump is now poised to carry the critical battleground state. Check out the numbers below, and remember, Trump also dominates the share of Independent votes as well, meaning he likely already has a 200,00+ vote lead over Hillary in Florida.

The key statistic isn’t the increase in Republicans requests from 40 percent to 43.2 percent, but rather, the massive decline in Democrats from 43 percent to 37.3 percent. While there is genuine enthusiasm for Trump, what will turn a victory into a Trumpslide is the fact that Democrats have no enthusiasm for Hillary whatsoever.