A warning shot

Mike Cernovich Verified account ‏@Cernovich

Sick Hillary’s people fired warning shot at me. ALL accounts (multiple banks) simultaneously frozen. Had to talk to “senior operations.”

Speaking of warning shots, didn’t the Alt-White just declare war on Milo yesterday? The FBI determined that a “credible threat” was made against him today.

A credible threat to MILO’s event and Florida Atlantic University students has forced the cancellation of the Breitbart editor’s scheduled talk today.

According to the FAU Police Department, student organizers received a communication threatening to bring firearms to the talk or plant explosives at the venue.

Threats were also made to FAU students.

The threat was relayed to the F.B.I, which after investigation deemed it to be credible. The F.B.I. contacted Florida Atlantic University this morning recommending cancellation of the event and the university took the decision to pull MILO’s event.

MILO was due to give a lecture this evening entitled, “How Feminism Hurts Women.”

It is not clear who is responsible for the threat.

The timing doesn’t necessarily indicate that it was anyone connected with Mr. Anglin, however, given that Milo has been dealing with bomb threats since the first one was telephoned into the venue of GGinDC more than a year ago.