Of Alt-Right and Alt-Retard

Clearly Greg Johnson and I neglected to discuss one particularly minor strain of the Alt-Right, the Alt-Retard.

Vox Day joins Milo in the dumpster for self-promoting morons hijacking the work of others. #TrashDay #WR #altright

When the flea on the tip of the tail thinks it is wagging the dog, that’s the #AltRetard branch of the #AltRight. The Alt-Retards are so ideologically incoherent and inept that to call them incompetent would be giving them too much credit. Setting aside the fact that they clearly fail to understand my position, they appear to genuinely believe that the ALTernative RIGHT can be national SOCIALIST. Yes, because that’s exactly what all the conservatives and libertarians disgusted with the cuckservatism of the Republican establishment concerning immigration are demanding, more socialism, the return of Alsace-Lorraine, and the invasion of Poland.

The #AltRetard aren’t a viable alternative for the obvious reason that they are not even of the political Right.

Their lack of intelligence can be seen in their decision to declare war on Milo… and now they want to draw the baleful eye of the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil upon themselves as well? So be it. That worked out great for the Hugos, after all.

The ridiculous thing about this is that it’s totally unnecessary to John Birch either Milo or me from the Alt-Retard. Neither Milo nor I ever belonged to it, or claimed to belong to it, and we don’t want anything to do with them, their finger-painting, or their swastika panties. The Alt-Retard is the idiot branch of the Alt-White, which unfortunately does make them part of the Alt-Right despite their ideological incoherency, but then, every village needs its idiot.

The amusingly stupid thing isn’t that the Alt-Retard thinks they can own a #hashtag. Many others have made that mistake before them. What is remarkable is that they think they can defend this nonexistent ownership of the hashtag from known #GGers while simultaneously being terrified of cooption. Because, as anyone who has read SJWAL knows, #GamerGate refined the art of taking over enemy #hashtags.

We tried? Darlings, we haven’t even begun to try. We hadn’t even thought about trying until you just couldn’t leave us alone. You’ll know we’ve at least put in a modicum of effort when you’re falling all over yourselves desperately trying to escape the labels we have applied to you. In the meantime, this comment on Gab cracked me up.

Prometheus Bound @Deucalion
@voxday Can you go one month without getting “purged” from something?

Apparently not. Anyhow, VFM on Gab and Twitter, you now know the correct hashtag for these losers. They want to babble about branding, well, they’ve just been branded. A Gab response from /pol/:

While I do still think some concern about co-option of the #AltRight is valid, especially with Milo given his modicum of fame and his connections with Breitbart, I have to say @voxday’s labeling certain elements as #AltRetard is not only funny but apt as well.