VFM and Gab

All VFM who emailed me prior to noon today have received their registration emails from Gab.  In the event you don’t think you have, you are advised as follows:

Many in the lists had already been sent, mostly gmails, those folks should check both their “social” and spam folders. Usually best to do an inbox search. Google is pushing our emails to both of those folders.

Remember, once you’re on, be sure to do a post with #DreadIlk and #VFM so that others can find and follow you.

By the way, @a will be appearing at the Monday Brainstorm on the Disconvergence. I’m hoping that we’ll actually have three of the major #AltTech players there. Invites will go out this evening.

UPDATE: And this is what #AltTech in action looks like. In tangentially related news, the Brainstorm invites have gone out to the Brainstormers and OGs. They’ll go out next to the VFM. Tomorrow I’ll open it up to everyone else. We can seat up to 1,000.