Nationalists continue to rise

  • THE French presidential race has been rocked after a opinion poll showed leader of the National Front party, Marine Le Pen, is by far the most popular political figure among right-wing supporters, and also gaining ground among left-wing circles. According to the poll carried out by Odoxa for French television station France 2, 74 per cent of those who consider themselves ‘conservative’ and who claim to support right-wing politics want the head of the country’s leading anti-immigrant party to play a more influential role in French politics, both now and in the future.
  • Hungary referendum: 98 per cent of voters say ‘no’ to EU migrant quotas. Hungary has voted emphatically against accepting EU migrant quotas, exit polls suggest, in a cry of defiance against Brussels that is likely to cement the country’s status as the leader of a “counter-revolution” against the bloc’s central powers.
Yes, the referendum was declared invalid because only 45 percent of the electorate voted, and the two major French parties will again conspire to try to keep the Front National out of power. But these are stopgap measures. They will fail, sooner rather than later.
The pendulum always swings back, no matter how much the powers-that-be want to keep it moving in the same direction. There is simply nothing the global elite has to offer the people of the West that is as important and valuable to them as reclaiming their nations and repatriating the invaders.