Ain’t equality grand?

On the plus side, no one calls them racists anymore:

The WHITE ghettos that blight South Africa: 20 years after the fall of apartheid, how it is now white people who live in squalid camps. There are 42,000 white South Africans living in poverty, a figure which has grown in last 20 years. Munsieville is a squatter camp west of Johannesburg which is home to 300 of them, many of them kids. Under apartheid white South Africans lorded it over blacks and ‘coloureds’ but now there is equality….

“I was mostly affected by the amount of children I saw, living in squalor. It saddens me to think they might never leave this level of poverty and will remain living in this situation for the rest of their lives. The children reminds me of any white kids I’ve met, even kids in affluent suburbs, playing outside spending their days in the sun. They don’t seem to understand they are poor, or are ignorant to what life is like outside Munsieville.”

Coming soon to an America near you.