Celebrities tell you how to vote

Nick Cole, who has no small amount of experience with Hollywood celebrities as an actor on shows like Scrubs and The West Wing, explains why you shouldn’t listen to them.

Most celebrities, especially the actors, are literally professional liars. And when you begin to look at their lifestyle, from the unrealistic wealth you and I will never see, to the amount of divorces, drug and alcohol problems and lawsuits they accumulate, they’re not actually savory people. Not even really nice people in fact, unless they’re making videos about how they’re donating to some charity. They are literally bragging on social media about what a giver they are conveniently timed around some theatrical release for their next filth laden flop you shouldn’t actually be watching with your kids.

(Wow what a coincidence! That drug addict rageaholic actor Everyman who parties with the House of Saud and Russian hookers and whose wife fears for her and her kid’s life, shows up at the cancer ward to pretend to be something he’s actually not). And what makes it occasionally creepier than it really is, happens during elections when a celebrity team of Social Avengers gets together to push a flailing political candidate known for her legendary amounts of corruption, avarice, greed and general failings as a human being in order to tell you the other guy is literally Hitler. Disregarding the fact that Hitler was Hitler because he killed millions of people.

Celebrities are lying scum.

I have to admit, I don’t pay celebrities any mind whatsoever, on the sound principle that I don’t listen to anything that anyone with an IQ less than half of mine says. I can honestly say that I am more inclined to pay heed to the opinion of my wife’s Ridgeback than I am to any opinion expressed by a Hollywood celebrity.

Celebrities are, by and large, a collection of shallow, low-IQ little people who spend their lives playing make-believe and pretending to be things that they are not. It’s nice that they can make a living that way, but one would do better to seek guidance by consulting the opinions of cosplayers.