Another category bestseller

While I’m very pleased to be informed that THE NINE LAWS, Castalia’s new mindset book by Ivan Throne, has hit #1 in the Consciousness and Thought category, I am more than a little amused to see that two of the top three Gender Studies books are a) The Nine Laws and b) Gorilla Mindset.

Who would could have possibly imagined something like this happening back in the days when the chief adversary of the blog was Amanda Marcotte and the Pandagonian feminists? And now there are not one, but TWO Castalia House authors dominating the Gender Studies bestsellers.

From the reviews of THE NINE LAWS:

  • Ivan provides a counterpunch to the weakness permeating our culture.
  • This isn’t a book written by some nobody who’s lived an easy life and speaks only about theory. Rather, his struggles and endeavors have taught him firsthand how brutal the world can be and what you must do to survive and thrive.
  • “If you love Game of Thrones, this is the self-help book for you! P.S. You’re gonna die.” His pain is your gain.
  • This book is NOT for everybody. It reads like a gathering storm, and deals in hard truths.

On a tangential note, the first Castalia House “Revolution in Science Fiction” t-shirts are now available from Dark Lord Designs. I’d be interested in knowing what other Castalia-related designs might be of interest to the Ilk. Anything is possible, from There Will Be War covers to red Van Creveld Che shirts. I’d like a half-hex 4GW-logo baseball cap myself.